Today, on July 1, 2021, we are pleased to announce the foundation of Zippsafe Germany GmbH. After numerous legal clarifications and administrative activities, we now have a subsidiary in Germany and can further develop the already started sales activities on a larger scale. The sales team around Gino Blanco, our Head of Sales in Germany, has already settled down in an office in the Golzheim district of Düsseldorf.

Neither the location in Düsseldorf nor the choice of district are a coincidence. The two southern states of Baden Württemberg and Bavaria continue to be served from Switzerland. Gino and his team are responsible for the north, east and west of the country. Düsseldorf is geographically well located in the heavily populated state of North Rhine-Westphalia and also enables the company to make its first attempts in the surrounding neighboring countries in a timely manner. With Ferdinand Füner, our account manager in Leipzig, we also cover the eastern part of Germany perfectly.

The district of Düsseldorf Golzheim, on the other hand, impresses with its modern surroundings. There are numerous offices, fashion labels, trendy places to go out, restaurants and much more. During the conversation, Gino amusedly tells us about a classy Italian restaurant where soccer players and other celebrities are spotted frequently. When he signed the rental agreement for the office space, he visited the restaurant together with the real estate agent and somewhat reluctantly paid 18 euros for two espressos. Speaking of luxury - the new Zippsafe Germany GmbH office is located in the only skyscraper in the area, but it is at the very ground floor of the building. Gino laughs and says it's enough to get started, and you can literally work your way up.

The timing of the company's founding could not be better, as it is now possible to meet again in the office in a Corona-compliant manner. The young Sales Development Representatives benefit greatly from the exchange within the team. They learned from Gino in the beginning and now coach each other. In particular, the Cold Call Days every Thursday have become established. The entire team motivates each other in the morning, calls potential customers and tries to organize appointments for the account managers. Even Ferdinand in Leipzig joins in on a regular basis and competes with his teammates in Düsseldorf.


The concept seems to be working. We have already acquired 14 new hospitals this year and the pipeline also promises a lot. The developments in Germany leave us very confident for the future. In order to continue our growth, we are currently looking for new employees. If anyone knows someone (who knows someone), he or she should definitely contact Gino. We are looking forward to it!