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Company growth, new working models and increasing cost pressure lead to a shortage of space in existing buildings and demand innovative solutions in the area of personnel changing rooms.
Trends & Challenges
  • Operational growth, more part-time employees and specialists
  • Tight space constraints with increasing space requirements
  • Increasing complexity of legal requirements, e.g. hygiene
  • Cost- and labor-intensive processes (key management, laundry issue, etc.)
Highest space efficiency

Zippsafe consists of flexible, textile lockerbags instead of rigid metal, requiring only ⅓ of the space compared to a traditional locker.

  • Achieve up to 3 times more locker capacity.
  • Save up to 70% floor space
  • Gain free space by centralizing locker rooms
Best-in-class user experience
  • Features such as the bench seat with built-in shoe compartment or the pull-out hanger system were developed together with employees for maximum user-friendliness
  • Innovations such as the Zippsafe Smartfabric or the ventilation and drying system ensure better hygiene, reducing the transmission of pathogens.  
  • The ZippManager allows easy allocation and shows which locker bags are already occupied
  • The integrated IT architecture helps with process and cost optimization via digital access management, live monitoring and data analysis.

Product details

ZippSpace Regular More
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Some of our customers

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Roche
  • Ypsomed
  • Comet

Black/white separation in the pharmaceutical industry

130 employees of a Swiss pharmaceutical company don't just get one of our locker bags. No, because of the hygiene standards in the industry, the employees have two locker bags each - one in the black area and one in the clean area of the employee’s cloakroom.

Until recently, the employees of a manufacturer in the pharmaceutical industry had to struggle with a huge lack of space in their cloakrooms. At the end of last year, we were able to equip a women's locker room and a men's locker room with Zippsafe systems. With 18 systems and 260 locker bags, 130 employees now have more order and flexibility in their personal locker bags. This has enabled us to accommodate a total of around 70% more employees in the same space.


"Recently, capacity bottlenecks in the employee cloakrooms have been a problem for us. After many years with the company, I am proud to have finally defused the space problems".

Senior Maintenance Technician

The specificity of this case is the above-mentioned separation of the two areas. In the first zone, called the black zone, you undress and place your clothes and everyday objects in the personal locker bag that has been allocated to you. Then you pass through a dividing line into the white zone, take your work clothes out of the second bag and put them on accordingly. In this way, the hygiene standards of the pharmaceutical industry can be optimally complied with.

In addition to the solution with two locker bags per person, another challenge was the choice of materials. For the bench of our Zippsafe system, we have so far used oak wood. As wood would not generally have been conceivable in the white locker room area, oak wood was replaced by plastic.

In order to integrate ourselves into the IT landscape, we have been able to count on our partner Dormakaba. The world's leading provider of security and access solutions enables the proper functioning of our lockers with the classic employee ID card. This ensures digital system administration and minimises process costs in the company.

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