We develop highly space-efficient, smart storage solutions improving processes and user experience likewise.


Zippsafe reinvents the locker by replacing the traditionally used hard materials such as metal or wood with smart polymeric fabric. The usually solid locker thus becomes a flexible locker solution, also called “Smart Soft Locker Solution”. The core of the Zippsafe solution is formed by the textile locker bags, which flexibly adapt in size to the items stored. This novel concept of stowage requires only 30 percent of the space compared to a classic locker. More space-efficient than any other wardrobe solution, Zippsafe thus often saves hundreds of valuable square meters. The user-friendliness of the system was central from the very beginning.

Clothes can be conveniently hung up via a pull-out hanger. Despite the high space efficiency, smaller items can be stored in the inside pockets and larger items such as handbags or motorcycle helmets on the bottom of the locker bag. Another focus has been placed on hygiene. Integrated ventilation and antimicrobial polymeric fabric improve locker room hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination of fresh workwear. In addition, the Zippsafe solution is also RFID compatible and can be managed online. Overall, in addition to space efficiency, user-friendliness, hygiene and digital management of the employee locker rooms can be optimized.

Zippsafe utilises smart and flexible locker bags allowing space savings of up to 70% compared to conventional lockers


Zippsafe digitises your employee locker room and enables online management of all lockers


For the intelligent storage and transport of patient effects in hospitals


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