Zippsafe revolutionizes the traditional locker and sets new standards with its Smart Soft Locker Solutions. The integrated IT architecture enables enormous process and cost optimizations. No more tedious key management.


Zippsafe is delivered as a standalone plug-and-play solution. The systems are easy and quick to integrate without the involvement of multiple partners thanks to our Zippsafe Management System. Via IoT technology and end-to-end connectivity, the smart locker solution can be integrated into the existing IT architecture. Thanks to API, Zippsafe can be connected to any access management system (e.g. Dormakaba, Salto, etc.). Employees can use their personal badges to handle Zippsafe, and operators benefit from optimized processes in the allocation and management of locker bags.


Due to online management, the process of assigning locking bags is greatly simplified via a drag & drop function. In addition, Zippsafe makes it possible to eliminate tedious key management. Digital management of locking bags can save costs and time that would be incurred if traditional keys were lost or forgotten. Thanks to the ZippManager software, the utilization of the locking bags is also clearly displayed. Before costs are incurred for the purchase of new lockers, unused lockers can be easily identified and reassigned.


Zippsafe brings your locker room into the future. Digital access management, live monitoring, and data analysis are enabled. ZippManager gives you the ability to remotely control your Zippsafe system, turn systems on and off, and assign employees. The ZippManager can also provide support when employees leave a company. If a user hands in his locker, the software triggers a request to clean or replace the locker bag. Processes are made more efficient, and communication between departments is simplified.

«Jelmoli is a premium department store in which around one thousand people work in a prime location in Zurich. Thanks to the integration into our IT landscape, we always have control over the use of the locking pockets and can easily and quickly assign them to new or temporary employees as needed. This enabled us to significantly improve our key management processes.»

Head of Facility Management Jelmoli

Allocate & manage digitally

Zippsafe brings your locker room into the future....