Zippsafe saves an incredible amount of space. Since it is difficult to imagine the actual savings, we have developed a calculator that you can try out yourself! The enormous space savings we have already been able to realise for customers are presented in the Space-Saving Success Stories.

Zippsafe reinvents the locker by replacing the traditionally used hard materials such as metal or wood with a smart textile. The usually solid locker thus becomes a flexible locker solution, also called "Smart Soft Locker Solution". The core of the Zippsafe solution is formed by the textile locker bags, which flexibly adapt in size to the items stored. This innovative storage concept requires only 30 percent of the space compared to a classic locker. More space-saving than any other locker room solution, Zippsafe has already saved valuable square meters for many customers.

We give you some examples in detail in the Space-Saving Suceess Stories. Our capacity calculator should give you a first impression of how space-saving Zippsafe can actually be. Regardless of whether you want to accommodate a certain number of users in a minimum amount of space or whether you want to maximize the utilization of a given area - the Zippsafe capacity calculator will give you an initial indication of how much space and money can be saved.

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The most impressive Zippsafe Space-Saving Success Stories

Space-Saving Success Stories