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Service & Maintenance

The highest level of user and customer satisfaction is our top priority. For a smooth operation of your Zippsafe systems, various free and optional services are available.

Zippsafe systems are basically maintenance-free. However, careful and regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of individual components. If you have any questions or require further details, please contact us at any time via info@zippsafe.com or phone +41 510 81 00.


Complementary service 
Training By arrangement we provide training either on site or via Skype on how to deal with simple repairs and fault reactions.
Tele-Support For technical questions, Zippsafe support is available via phone / face time or Skype for real-time support.
Interference reaction The standard troubleshooting is carried out on working days during business hours (08.00-18.00). An on-site technician is guaranteed within 48 hours
Warranty The guarantee for malfunctions which are clearly attributable to production faults on the part of Zippsafe AG is 2 years from acceptance by the purchaser.


Additional services

Annual inspection with the following maintenance service:

  • Cleaning of all surfaces accessible from the outside, including locking bags. If possible, the locking bags are also cleaned from the inside. 
  • Preventive maintenance through onsite functional tests of electronics and mechanics (electronic lock, zipper and shackle if accessible). If an existing or imminent malfunction is detected, repair is initiated immediately.
  • Lubrication of moving components


If you have any questions or require further details, please contact us at any time at info@zippsafe.com or via phone +41 510 81 00.




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