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Live monitoring & data analysis

Remote maintenance, a proactive service, user analyses and more thanks to end-to-end connectivity
Preventive fault detection 

The systems are monitored in real time for the purpose of preventive fault detection. This allows early detection of imminent or occurring electronic faults [1]. The operator is informed of this and the fault rectification is immediately discussed or initiated. This includes


  • Reporting of attempted theft via breaking the electronic lock
  • Notification of malfunctions in the communication system between the master and slave subsystem
Anomalies in user behaviour

Notification if an assigned and blocked locker bags has not been used for a defined period of time (e.g. more than three months).


User analysis & reporting

Gain insight into user behaviour via the occupancy times and duration on the Zippsafe system. We would be happy to provide you with a clear evaluation of the user data once a quarter.


If you have any questions or require further details, please contact us at any time via info@zippsafe.com or by phone +41 510 81 00.


[1] For reasons of liability, we cannot guarantee the identification of every electronic fault.


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