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Zippsafe Management System

Assign and manage easily

The Zippsafe Management System (ZMS) is an IT system for managing access rights to the individual Zippsafe locker bags. Based on your needs, the ZMS can be integrated into your existing IT landscape or function as a standalone solution. Employees use the employee badge to operate their Zippsafe lockers. In all cases, management is carried out online. Find out which solution is best suited for your company and what advantages the Zippsafe Management System offers.

Zippsafe is the first plug & play standalone locker solution with online access management. The integrated IOT architecture enables real-time end-to-end communication with the Zippsafe systems: 

  • Digital locker management: no key management, no battery change and no re-ordering

  • Zippsafe is compatible with all RFID media (13.56 MHz), classic employee badge can be used

  • High system reliability

  • Little planning effort, especially when converting or adding systems due to infrastructural changes

  • Great usability for the administrator due to optimized management interface (ZippManager)

Server structure

Cloud Setup

In the cloud setup, the system communicates wirelessly via the Zippsafe router in the changing room over the GSM network with Zippsafe servers outside. Zippsafe offers a stable & secure cloud solution and can handle service requests remotely.

On-premises setup

If cloud solutions are not permitted, the Zippsafe server can be installed in-house. In this case, the system is wirelessly connected to the Zippsafe router in the changing room, which communicates with the local Zippsafe server via LAN network. Compared to the cloud solution, the on-premises setup makes maintenance more difficult.

Setup & Integration


The ZMS can be operated as a standalone solution with the ZippManager, the digital management software from Zippsafe. As a customer, you benefit from a comprehensive Zippsafe experience, the administration processes are streamlined and lean and there is no additional effort for integration.

Third party integration

The connection of a third party is possible via an API. Doing this, existing access management systems (Exos from Dormakaba, Salto, etc.) can be connected. The ZMS is synchronized when employees enter or leave the company, manual imports or the setup of user profiles are no longer required.

Locker bag management


The assignment can be done by the ZippManager. Zippsafe's own web application allows access rights to be forwarded to the respective locker. All customer requirements regarding the locker management process are met one-to-one with the ZippManager

  • dormakaba
  • Salto
  • Burri
  • Schänis

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