ZippSpace Regular

The space-saving employee locker room solution

The focus of the ZippSpace Regular is on a high level of user-friendliness. Based on feedback from our customers, shoe compartment & seat and integrated ventilation are an integral part of this solution.

Key figures


10 / 15 Zippsafe bags per system


1.4 / 2 meter


Max. 2 meter



ZippSpace Regular Features

Shoe compartment & bench

A separate shoe compartment provides more orderand hygiene, the built-in bench seat additionallyincreases the comfort. For very tight spaces shoecompartment & bench can be pushed in


An integrated ventilation system prevents the build-up and emission of odours and automatically switches to the drying mode, if damp clothes are being stored

Padlock & upgradeability

Our padlocks have 3-digit codes. For an efficient administration there is an emergency opening key. On request, it can be easily upgraded to electronic locking.


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