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Improve hygiene in your staff locker room while benefiting from increased capacity, optimized processes and high employee acceptance thanks to digital access management and a user-friendly design.
Trends & Challenges
  • Space is scarce while space demand is steadily increasing
  • Complexity of regulatory requirements, e.g. hygiene
  • Cost- and labour-intensive processes, e.g. key management, laundry distribution
Highest space efficiency

Zippsafe consists of flexible, textile lockerbags instead of rigid metal, requiring only ⅓ of the space compared to a traditional locker.

  • Achieve up to 3 times more locker capacity.
  • Save up to 70% floor space
  • Gain free space by centralizing locker rooms
Best-in-class user experience
  • Innovations such as the Zippsafe Smartfabric or the ventilation and drying system ensure better hygiene and reduce the transmission of pathogens.  
  • Zippsafe is designed for highest usability and thus clearly preferred by employees over alternative space-saving solutions, for example an impersonal, double or Z-locker.
  • The integrated IT architecture helps with process and cost optimization via digital access management, live monitoring and data analysis.


  • St. Marien-Krankenhaus Siegen
  • Klinikum Esslingen
  • SKK
  • Presidio Surgery Center
  • Charité
  • Helios Kliniken
  • Centre Hospitalie de Wallonie Picarde
  • Kliniken Ostallgäu-Kaufbeuren
  • Ordens Klinikum Linz
  • Stuttgart
  • Universität Schleswig-Holstein

Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital chooses ZippManager

Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital is equipping its new building with additional 40 ZippSpace systems, creating 580 spaces. Now benefiting from optimized digital management via the Zippsafe Management System, the new locker bags can be managed easily and efficiently via the ZippManager, Zippsafe's innovative software.

Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital is the largest hospital in the Middle Upper Rhine region. The clinic is a teaching hospital of the University of Freiburg and employs over 4300 people. After the successful test installation in spring 2020, Zippsafe was asked to equip the locker rooms in the new building "Haus M" with another 40 systems. Thus, the capacities in Karlsruhe could be massively expanded and the number of spaces increased from the original planning to the commissioning. Originally planned with 400 spaces, it quickly became clear that additional spaces were needed. An expansion of capacity to 700 spaces was finally unavoidable and Zippsafe was chosen. 


"With Zippsafe, we were able to increase our capacity and at the same time install a locker room solution that is easy to manage,"


says Ms. Monika Sammert, Project Management Infrastructure Business Unit.


With locker rooms of this size, managing such amounts of compartments becomes a real challenge. Zippsafe has been working on this issue over the past few months, developing a solution that facilitates the allocation and management of its lockers. With the Zippsafe Management System (ZMS), locker bags can be managed effortlessly. The ZippManager, the digital and user-friendly interface of the ZMS, makes the administrative work particularly efficient. Lockers can be assigned to employees with just a few clicks. In addition, unused locker pockets can be detected. The ZippManager also simplifies the cleaning process by indicating which users have left the company and returned their locker bags.

The ZMS currently works as a standalone solution. In the future, it will be integrated with an API interface into the existing SIPORT IT landscape from Siemens. Doing this, the ZMS will be synchronized with the user and media base of the access management system. When employees enter and leave the company, both manual imports and the creation of user profiles are no longer required. Zippsafe's own management software, called ZippManager, serves as the user interface. Regardless of the setup chosen, with this innovative system, processes are streamlined and clear. Through this management solution, Zippsafe continues to drive digital transformation in locker rooms.

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