Many hospitals are familiar with the challenge - Where to put the patients' personal belongings and valuables? In case of emergencies, but also in case of admissions on the day of surgery without checking into the room beforehand (Same Day Surgery), the handling of patient items is difficult. Currently, often times plastic bags are used. These are neither sustainable nor particularly comfortable for patients.

What are the options?

  • Comfortable handling for nursing and patients

  • No logistics staff required

  • Reduced space requirements

  • Valuables close to the patients - No securities record

  • Plastic bags do not offer a solution for hand luggage

  • Prone to failure (gets left behind / rips / theft)

  • Unattractive patient experience with transport on patient's legs

  • Manual effects protocol

  • Requires one logistician per patient and is therefore logistically unreasonable

  • Requires a lot of space

  • High process costs

  • Manual effects protocol

In collaboration with the Health Innovation Hub of Kantonsspital Baden

Together with the Health Innovation Hub of the Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) we are currently working on a nicer solution. In the making is a reusable high-quality bag, called ZippBag. It is more environmentally friendly, as it can be used multiple times, and offers a much better patient experience. While  currently patients' clothes and valuables are stored in a single-use plastic bag, ZippBags can be cleaned and reprocessed in the laundry. 

Regardless of whether a patient enters the hospital with a small suitcase ready for a planned surgery or is brought in by ambulance unconsciously, it should be possible to stow everything in the ZippBag. In addition to its washability, the ZippBag has another special feature. The bag can be attached to the patient's bed via a hook. As a result, it moves around the house with the patient. Theft and loss of personal items thus become more difficult. Consequently, the storage of items is as safe as it is efficient. 

In a working group with KSB, we are currently working on the finishing touches of the bag. Zippsafe would not be Zippsafe if parts of the solution were not also digital. We are therefore simultaneously developing an application that will digitize the processes involved in transporting patient items. This could soon put an end to the previously required valuables protocol. 

A pilot test is planned in Baden in spring 2023, before the ZippBag* is subsequently put into production. Feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more. We will keep you up to date on the developments in any case.

*The materialization and the design of the bag may end up being different from the prototype images.

Would you

Contact us at any time. We will be happy to inform you about the current development status of the ZippBag and tell you more about the innovative product, which can also facilitate the transport of patient items in your company.