The SEF4KMU is, as the name suggests, an initiative of the Swiss Economic Forum. Together with leading partners, it addresses young Swiss companies with growth plans and supports them in implementing their ambitious plans. We are very pleased that we were able to convince with our innovative product and the strong team around the two founders David Ballagi and Carlo Loderer. 

"Zippsafe has reinvented the locker and shaken up a market that has not changed for decades". SEF4KMU, October 2020

The heart of the Zippsafe system are the smart locker bags. They flexibly adapt to the contents and are therefore up to 70% more space-saving than conventional lockers. This often saves hundreds of square meters in institutions such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals or manufacturing companies. In addition to the space savings and capacity expansions, the digital and user-friendly product features were the deciding factors for the SEF4KMU experts. Zippsafe impresses with IoT functionalities, digital plug & play locker management, intelligent ventilation and numerous advantages for the user. Acclaimed as well was the focus on continuous innovation and simplicity. Zippsafe sets new standards in the area of flexible and intelligent storage solutions and supports companies in their transformation towards space-efficient and smart locker room management. Since its founding in 2016, Zippsafe has already been able to handle orders from an international clientele in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Latvia and the USA.

"The young company’s success curve is pointing steeply upwards and its growth strategy is impressive. This is precisely why Zippsafe AG has been awarded the “SEF.High-Potential SME” quality label." SEF4KMU, October 2020

By receiving the quality label, we join the list of successful young Swiss companies such as FELFEL, VIU or Skycell. This gives us access to all SEF4KMU growth modules. Topics such as the industrialization and scaling of production or a deepening into the world of innovation protection are as much part of the offer, as the challenging of business and financial plans. In addition to these modules, we benefit from a high market presence and increased acceptance by customers and investors. We would therefore like to thank you for your trust and look excitedly into the future.