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  • Kantonsspital Baden
  • Spital Uster
  • Swiss International Airlines
  • Migros
  • KSW
  • GZO Spital Wetzikon
  • Geratrium
  • CBRE
  • Kantonsspital Baden
  • Spital Uster
  • Swiss International Airlines
  • Migros
  • KSW
  • GZO Spital Wetzikon
  • Geratrium
  • CBRE

The innovation

Zippsafe, the Swiss locker system made of textile storage compartments, allows space savings of up to 70% compared to a conventional locker.

It is therefore particularly suitable for companies with changing rooms such as hospitals, retirement homes, production facilities, large offices, fitness centres or airport operations where space is limited or the locker room area is to be minimised for cost reasons.


  • Space efficiency

    Saving up to 70% of the space normally required for employee locker rooms allows for an alternative assignment of rooms or economizing on construction volume.

  • Popularity

    Our surveys have shown that the Zippsafe system is the most popular, practical and user-friendly space-saving locker room solution for employees.

  • Access Management

    Digital access management via RFID reader (with or without badge management system integration) or manually via a padlock.

  • Hygiene

    The system is designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene. Shoes can be stored separately from clothes in a designated compartment. An optional integrated ventilation system prevents odours and accelerates the drying process.

  • Modularity

    The modular design of the system allows for simple customisation of its features and dimensions such as the size, an optional ventilation system or a shoe compartment with bench.


  • Electronic locking
    The Zippsafe system can be fully integrated into most widely used badge management systems such as Kaba, Ethelred or Salto.
  • Live monitoring
    Internet connectivity allows monitoring of the system utilization and immediately detects need for maintenance or attempted theft.
  • Shoe compartment
    To meet the highest standard of hygiene and provide additional convenience, separate shoe compartments (lockable upon request) can be integrated below the Zippsafe bags.
  • Bench
    If a separate shoe compartment is selected, a bench can also be added, thus removing the need for separate locker room benches.
  • Ventilation
    An optional integrated ventilation system with an active coal filter accelerates the drying process of any damp clothes and prevents the build-up of odours.
  • Alarm system
    To guarantee maximum safety, sensors integrated into the fabric (Zippsafe Smartfabric) trigger an alarm in the event a bag is damaged.
  • Inside pockets
    Various inside pockets allow an orderly storage of personal belongings.
  • Hanger
    All garments can be conveniently hung using a pull-out hanger.

How it works

An integrated hanger mechanism allows for proper hanging of clothes inside the storage compartment. The retractable hanger is pulled out manually to hang clothes and simply slides back into the bag after use.


Inside pockets ensure neat storage of personal belongings such as wallet and laptop. The flexibility of the storage compartment allows sufficient space for larger items such as sport bags and motorbike helmets.


Shoes can be stored hygienically in a shoe holder integrated into the bottom of the closing bag (plastic insert) or in an optional separate shoe compartment underneath the bag.

  • How it works

Application areas

  • Health Care Industry
    Health Care Industry
  • Manufacturing plants
    Manufacturing plants
  • Airport centers
    Airport centers

What our customers say

  • Mattia Mandaglio (Labour union secretary, VPOD)
    "The labour union VPOD, section Zurich city, has had the opportunity to get to know the innovative wardrobe system of Zippsafe AG. We then discussed and "evaluated" this innovative system at meetings with nursing staff from acute hospitals and retirement centres. From our point of view and that of the employees, the system is very good and interesting: the typical shortcomings, concerns and wishes for improvement (e.g. more safety, more space especially in winter, comfort, hygiene, etc.) are mostly remedied or fulfilled with this system. We therefore recommend hospitals and retirement homes to test this innovative system and use it at best"
  • Dr. Dirk Reiner (Founder & CEO)
    «At MEMOX, Zippsafe as an innovative locker system is used daily by our customers. The space-efficient bag-based concept allows us to offer enough wardrobe capacity for all our customers. The usage of the system is simple, well received and often used by our guests.»