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Do you need a locker room solution
at limited space conditions?

Zippsafe is the most popular space-saving locker room solution
Case 1: Increase in Capacity

Are you running up against capacity limits with the existing employee locker room or the locker room planned for the new building?


Zippsafe enables an increase in user capacity of up to 150 percent (3 x more employee storage lockers in the same room) compared to conventional lockers.


Case 2: Alternative Use of Rooms

1. Centralisation of employee locker rooms


2. Subletting of rooms that have become vacant or reduction of rental expenses for renting space


3. Conversion of the rooms (e.g. additional storage room, rest room for employees, etc.)


4. From cost centre to profit centre (area of economic use through use for medical technology, labs, etc.)



Example: spatial planning with Zippsafe


At this customer, with Zippsafe only 4 of the originally 8 employee locker rooms are needed


  • Previous employee locker rooms (yellow): 600 m2 for 1'200 users
  • Employee locker rooms today: 250 m2 for 1'200 users
  • Free rooms today (green): 350 m2
Case 3: Saving on Construction Volume

Typically, the employee locker rooms account for 2-10% of the total floor space. For companies with several 100 employees, this corresponds to an area of several 100 m2 (approx. 1 m2 per employee).


The Zippsafe storage compartement principle reduces the area required for locker rooms by up to 70 % (approx. factor 3), which means that the building can be designed smaller and thus construction volume can be saved.


What our customers say

  • Mattia Mandaglio, VPOD (Labour union secretary, VPOD)
    "The labour union VPOD, section Zurich city, has had the opportunity to get to know the innovative wardrobe system of Zippsafe AG. We then discussed and "evaluated" this innovative system at meetings with nursing staff from acute hospitals and retirement centres. From our point of view and that of the employees, the system is very good and interesting: the typical shortcomings, concerns and wishes for improvement (e.g. more safety, more space especially in winter, comfort, hygiene, etc.) are mostly remedied or fulfilled with this system. We therefore recommend hospitals and retirement homes to test this innovative system and use it at best"
  • Dr. Dirk Reiner, MEMOX (Founder & CEO)
    «At MEMOX, Zippsafe as an innovative locker system is used daily by our customers. The space-efficient bag-based concept allows us to offer enough wardrobe capacity for all our customers. The usage of the system is simple, well received and often used by our guests.»
  • Angelika Züst, Kantonsspital Winterthur (Leiterin Hauswirtschaft)
    Wir haben uns für Zippsafe entschieden, weil unsere Mitarbeitenden diese Lösung gegenüber den konventionellen unpersönlichen Spindsystemen, welche unter den engen Platzverhältnissen in Frage gekommen wären, klar bevorzugt haben. Wir haben das Zippsafe-System über mehrere Monate hinweg getestet. Die Kombination aus Platzeffizienz, Prozessoptimierung und Nutzerfreundlichkeit hat uns überzeugt.