Viruses and bacteria are everywhere. In locker rooms, where employees with patient contact go in and out daily, hygiene standards should be observed and contamination prevented whenever possible. Zippsafe has developed an optimal solution and has won over a wide range of stakeholders with its innovative locker room solution.


A built-in ventilation with an active carbon filter offers numerous advantages. It prevents the development of unpleasant odours and improves the air quality in the room. The constant air flow ensures accelerated drying and wet clothes can easily be stored in the locker bags. This minimizes humidity and reduces the risk of contamination and the transmission of pathogens.


Two large interior compartments allow fresh laundry and street clothes to be stored hygienically separated (keyword black/white separation). In the ZippSpace the spatial separation of shoes and clothing is also possible thanks to a separate shoe compartment. Like this everything has its place, employees can easily keep their locker bags tidy and the risk of contamination through an unnecessary contact between private and work clothes is reduced.


The cleaning effort is significantly lower thanks to Zippsafe. Given their dedicated space in the ZippSpace, shoes are not scattered around the room. Easy room cleaning is therefore guaranteed. The smart fabric of the locker bags can be cleaned manually with a damp cloth and neutral soap. In case of heavy soiling or change of employees, machine cleaning at 60°C is recommended.

«With Zippsafe we’ve found a smart locker room solution for our new building, which optimally supports our processes in terms of space and hygiene requirements.» 

Project lead infrastructure St. Clara Hospital


We have developed the Zippsafe Smartfabric to meet the highest hygiene and safety requirements. The intelligent, high-quality textile is durable and easy to clean. All Zippsafe locker bags consist of this specially developed, intelligent textile consisting of two different layers. These guarantee the highest hygiene standards as well as security against fire protection.


Outer layer - fire protection

The durable outer layer of the textile storage compartment is fireproof according to ISO EN-13501-1-B-s1d0.

Inner layer - hygiene

The water-repellent inner fabric ensures that any excess water runs down along the sides - preventing moisture from being absorbed. Air holes allow a natural flow of air, preventing the build-up of odors and accelerating the drying process of any damp clothing. The optional ventilation further accelerates these processes


Zippsafe relies on Polygiene's ViralOff technology for the inner, antimicrobial coating of the locker bags. The technology of the Swedish company was developed last year and is already established in the lifestyle and sports sector. It ensures an enormous improvement in hygiene thanks to the reduction of microorganisms. Especially in current times of a pandemic, increasing hygiene in changing rooms is highly relevant. The use of ViralOff on the polymeric fabric creates protection against viral contamination. Polygiene ViralOff is a wash-resistant treatment that has been tested on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and shows a reduction of over 99% of the virus within two hours.

As you can see, the ZippSpace is not only more popular and more space-saving than a classic locker, but the risk of contamination is also significantly reduced. For further technical details or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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